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Children’s Emergency Shelter

The Children’s Emergency Shelter serves young people—from newborns to 17-year-olds—who are waiting for a long-term place to live. Many of these children have been newly removed from their birth homes because of abuse or neglect. Such a child must deal with the loss of a home which, whatever its shortcomings may have been, was his, a known quantity. This is a disturbing and frightening situation to be in. Eventually, he will go to a foster or adoptive home or home with a relative, and make a new beginning. To help ensure that it is a successful one, the Shelter must keep him safe while he’s with us—and give him confidence that he remains safe and cared for as he starts his new life.

Concho Valley Home For Girls

Concho Valley Home For Girls

The Concho Valley Home for Girls serves young ladies age 14 and older. Most of them will age out of the foster care system in four years or less. We focus on helping them to gain the skills they will need to be happy, successful adults. The Concho Valley Home for Girls offers highly individualized care, a nurturing environment, diversified educational resources, family counseling sevices, and transitional services for those leaving our care.

Concho Valley Transition Center

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The Concho Valley Transition Center helps to ensure that current and former foster children achieve the happy ending of successful transition to a self-reliant and fulfilling adult life.  A national initiative has identified goals for them to meet by the time they turn 25, including adequate education, employment and/or vocational training, personal support systems, and ability to be successful parents and community members. This “Connected by 25” objective is the primary focus of both our Girls Home and our Transition Center, which provides current and former foster children, male and female 16-25 years old throughout the Concho Valley and surrounding area with the kind of support ordinary families give their own children as they prepare for and cope with the challenges of adult life.

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