Housing and Transportation Assistance

The following list is intended to serve as a quick guide to many of the resources available in the Concho Valley area for former foster children transitioning to independent living. If you can’t find what you need here, please consult one of the websites listed or call the Transition Center at (325) 655-3821.

Housing Assistance

San Angelo Public Housing Authority

Provides HUD information and applications for youth.

Salvation Army

(325) 655-6981
(325) 227-4679
Red Shield Lodge provides temporary shelter for homeless for 2 free nights. Each night after is $13.00.

Transportation Assistance

Medical Transportation

Can help you get to an appointment if notified within reasonable time frame.

Concho Valley Transit District

55 E. 6th (near Chadbourne and Houston Harte)
San Angelo, TX
(325) 947-8729
Operates city buses. Monthly passes are $15.00 if you are a student or if you present a Medicaid card. Passes, maps and timetables are also available there.

Electric Service Assistance

Catholic Outreach Services

410 N Chadbourne
San Angelo, TX
(325) 658-4124

Christians in Action Assistance Department

555 E 6th St
San Angelo, TX
(325) 655-5127

Salvation Army Comprehensive Assistance

215 Gillis
San Angelo, TX
(325) 655-6961

Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program

36 E Twohig Street, Suite B2
San Angelo, TX
(325) 653-1680

Telephone Service Assistance

You may qualify to receive a free cell phone and free service including 250 minutes and 250 text messages monthly if you are on Medicaid, food stamps, TANF, various other government programs, or on the basis of your income. For more information, and to apply for service, see http://www.assurancewireless.com/public/HowToQualify.aspx

Landlord/tenant legal issues

Jennafer Talland, staff attorney at Legal Aid of Northwest Texas, deals with landlord/tenant and consumer issues, as well as domestic violence and family law matters. Contact her at 325-633-6982 .